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Entries will Open for 2017 Competitors on Monday 21st Nov – Monday 28th Nov. (to be eligible to enter from Monday 21st Nov at least 1 team member must have competed in the 2016  Big Show event)

Entries are then Open for Everyone (including 2016 Competitors) from Monday 28th Nov – Friday 18th Dec.

  •  If it is in a Roping that is full with a reserve list, the person who has paid their entries in full will be notified and will have 24hrs to find a replacement and for the replacement entry fee to be paid in full.  If this doesn’t happen the person who has paid will receive a refund and the first reserve will be contacted and will then have 24hrs to pay up and we will continue down the line until that spot is filled.
  • If it is in a Roping that is not full the person who has paid their entry fees in full will be notified and will have 24hrs to find a replacement.  If the replacement pays up in full within 24hrs they WILL NOT receive any late fines.
  • If it takes longer than 24hrs there will be a late fine of 20% of the Entry Fee added per week.  This also applies IF the paid up person stays with their original Partner who has not paid their entries.
  • The other option is The Big Show will provide a Partner using the format that we have in place for people that cannot find a partner.

You will split with your partner and they will keep the spot in the Roping and have right to another partner.  Then you will be moved to the 6th rotation and have the right to find another partner or you can move as a team to the 6th rotation in the next level of Roping or you are both entitled to get your money back.

The other 2 Roping’s will run and the Open competitors that have entries will receive their entry money back.