There have been so many people that have asked how they can become involved in The Big Show Team Roping Championships, who are not Ropers, but Roping Fans.  After talking to one of our Sponsors, we have come up with the THIRD PARTY BONUS.  This is a bonus of $22,000 in each Roping, on TOP of the existing prizes and prize money.


  • If you invest in a competitor and help to pay their entry fees, the figure is to be agreed upon between the Third Party and the Competitor.  (ie. There is no minimum amount Third Party can invest with the competitor).
  • If your competitor wins a Roping, you will win $11,000 cash.
  • If one or both competitors invest in themselves, which means they do not have anyone investing in them, The Third Party Bonus will go to them as prize money.


  1. Use it to find someone to help you pay for your entries.
  2. Pay all your entries and win it yourself.

A letter you can down load to take to a potential Sponsor explaining the Format.

3rd Party Sponsors letter