It all started over 20 years ago in 1995 when Wayne as a 24 year old heading to America wanting to improve his roping and rodeo skills, always having a passion for organizing and promoting events.

After having the good fortune of meeting some of the best rodeo and roping promoter’s whilst living over seas it lite the fire to become one him self. After returning home Wayne run and promoted a number of successful events.

In 2002 Wayne meet Melissa ironically at a rodeo in Queensland got married formed WAMM PROMOTIONS, had two beautiful girls Dekoda & Stetson. As a team we successfully promoted and ran many events from Rodeos to roping’s and other charity functions and this includes The Mitsubishi Big Show which by far the richest of its kind in the southern hemisphere.

We As WAMM PROMOTIONS are trying to put together an exposure portfolio that will be worth a million dollars to a corporate company like Mitsubishi and the only way we feel we can do this is by bringing the entire Rural Horse Industry together.

Phase one The Mitsubishi Big Show Team Roping at the completion of its 3rd annual event the total payout is well over 2 million dollars,

Phase two The Mitsubishi Camp Horse Challenge Series. Its a competition based on a Campdraft style event using a horse & rider Handicap System, run in a rotation Format.

With many more phases to be added a long the way.